A Sustainable Point of View


About Me


My passion and goal is to see humanity evolve by improving the frameworks we use to make sense of our lives.

I’ve developed the ideas in this website over the past ten years, drawing on multiple schools of thought and my experience as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. I was driven as much by personal necessity as by a desire to help others. A series of tragedies in my early 20s, including the deaths of many people close to me, came as I wrestled with social alienation and intellectual angst, and made trite answers and simple worldviews impossible. I was pushed to the edge. I spent years in a frustrating and nebulous fog of mental struggle during which time I questioned reality and my will to live.

Some indeterminate time later, I was focused by the injustice and untruth of a mental health paradigm determined to see my suffering as a sign of weakness, genetic or otherwise. On behalf of the countless people like myself—people who will at some point in their life feel their mind and brain bend under the weight of a sometimes cruel world—I set out to understand why our reductive, cultural and political lens was inadequate. I searched for a worldview about the connections between things, for a science of meaning, and for wisdom about the natural tightrope walk of human sustainability.

The research became my salvation in a very real sense; it gave me a sense of purpose, a framework, and a sound foundation with which to apply a sustainability methodology as I assimilated such practices into my paradigm. As I gathered more and more information, I developed the capacity to say, “based on what I’ve found, this process should theoretically work to improve my biopsychology: let’s try it.” The process became self-fulfilling, and each element of my improved status made it more likely for me to attain further well-being. I found myself changed not just in my lifestyle but in how I saw the world, transformed in part by pushing the boundaries of our cultural worldview, whose evolution, I would have to patiently – and purposefully – facilitate.

My life now is better than I could have dreamed during those dark years. These days my goals are several fold: to develop frameworks that can help others who have been abandoned and excluded from the dominant social structures; to understand how to improve those social structures and the way shape our view of the world; and to connect the two through an understanding of human nature and well-being. I do this on both a meta-level by continuing my research, and an applied level by working as a counselor and social entrepreneur. My framework enables me to see people as more than a collection of diagnoses – I know that smart and capable people can fall into truly dark places, because I’ve been there myself.

I hope that some of the ideas here are helpful to you.

Here are some videos I find inspiring: